Tips You Need to Know ASAP

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Buying a Farm with Landbank Funding

Buying a Farm with Landbank Funding  Hluhluwe Properties receive numerous requests daily from people looking to buy farms after they have spoken to Landbank. Generally, almost all of them have it wrong as to what farms sales Landbank will approve and fund.People only tend to hear what they like to hear. After a meeting at Landbank, where they are told that they will be assisted, they are instructed to go out and find a suitable farm to buy. They find their way to us, assure they have an investor that will back them and now they only have to secure the right property to take the process forward.Let us take one step back and talk about Landbank the company.WHAT OR WHO IS LANDBANKLandbank is a commercial bank. Do not let the government backing make you think otherwise. Landbank is not in the game of giving away free money.Landbank does not give out grants.Landbank is there to make money. Landbank will not back a failing farm, nor will they back anybody just for the sake of the …

Refinancing your Home

Benefits of refinancing your home.Your neighbour’s done it, your friends are doing it, and even your co-workers are talking about it. But what exactly is home refinancing, and how can it benefit you the same way that it’s helped them? Read more: Contact Ancilia Annandale to assist you with your home in Hluhluwe: 071 892 2623

Sober up!

10 Ugly truths they never tell you about property investingIt’s a mistake to think property investing is without risk. There is a dark side to this business that could cost you in a big way.Read more: For sober advise contactGerry Eliot 082 370 9520 for FarmsAncilia Annadale 0718922623 for HousesCiska Greyling 083 2255594 for Commercial and Industrial properties

Paperclip joy!!

Paperclip Toys! 
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Maintaining a good standard!

5 Maintenance tips to keep your house in top conditionRead more:
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