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Just a-break-away farm.

  Just big and small enough , 3.48ha with 2 title deeds for the perfect breakaways. R2 900 000 negotiable Intensive Subsistence farming practice may involve taxidermy, and hospitality or cultivating crops and raising livestock exclusively for one’s own use, with a surplus for trade. Farmers follow this practice to fulfill the need of only their families and others. This little farm is tailor made for you and your family. The house is ideal for hospitality and after taxidermy training you will be ready to utilize the outer buildings.   In total this little farm is 3.48ha just big and small enough.   A neat 4 bedroom cottage on 1.88ha of bush veld with the added advantage of the property next door measuring 1.6ha in extent with an existing small factory which can be converted into a second home. Both properties have their own Title Deeds, so can be transferred separately. The area surrounding the property is home to a number of internationally renowned Game Reserves includin