Need guidance when renting?

A Basic Guide to Renting a House.

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For many young professionals, renting a house or an apartment is one of the first big steps in their lives. Of course, it can be a lengthy and complicated process: from searching for and viewing properties, to signing lease agreements and other documents. It’s always best to conduct thorough research and ensure all the legal boxes are ticked.

Good news for prospective tenants is that the law protects their rights in the form of The Rental Housing Act, which regulates the relationship between landlords (people who own property) and their tenants (people who rent property). The law also gives tenants a place to turn to, if they are mistreated by their landlords, known as the Rental Housing Tribunal.

In this basic guide, we take a closer a look at some of the most important aspects tenants need to bear in mind when renting a home in South Africa.


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