Own a African Dream Farm

 Embrace the African spirit!

Savanna and bushy landscape spanning 163 hectares, leading to the tranquil embrace of a winding river. The expansive grounds host a diverse array of buildings more than 1000 square meters, harmoniously blending with the natural surroundings. The soil, a rich blend of loam and clay, provides a nurturing foundation for the lush savannas and captivating forest that adorn the landscape. 

Electricity is sourced from two Eskom points, ensuring seamless power supply, while a robust three-phase system serves both the main residence and staff housing. Supplementing the energy needs are solar inverters, though panels are not currently installed. Water, a vital resource, is plentiful with two boreholes, though not registered, along with strategically placed water tanks. A sweet water borehole, reaching a depth of 18 meters, complements an 11-meter borehole providing an additional water source. A picturesque dam, nestled below the main residence in a horseshoe shape, adds to the scenic charm of the property.

Security is paramount, with electric fences, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and diligent guard patrols ensuring peace of mind, particularly during the tranquil morning hours.

The movable property encompasses a vibrant array of game, chalets, and campsite rental inventory, poised to enhance every visitor's experience. 

Embark on a thrilling business opportunity with a fully equipped caravan park and site rental facilities. Standard camping and caravan sites, complete with essential ablution amenities, provide the perfect retreat for nature enthusiasts. 

Additionally, seven luxurious sites boast added ablution facilities, offering unparalleled comfort amidst the wilderness. For those seeking a more self-sufficient experience, two self-catering units provide a cozy haven amidst the natural splendor.

Forming part of this immovable property lies a world of adventure awaiting discovery, with viewing available upon request.

We are here to clip together your Game Farm Needs. For more info on this farm contact

   Gerry Eliot:082 370 9520 or Ciska Greyling: 083 22 55594

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